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Volunteer Staff Coaches

At Idaho IceWorld we would never be able to do what we do without these people helping us.  If you see them please tell them THANK YOU! 

Senior Volunteer Coach Ken Muldowney

Senior Volunteer Coach Jerry Miller

Senior Volunteer Coach Ryan Johnston

Senior Volunteer Coach Cassidy Rasmor

Senior Volunteer Coach Will Tomlinson

Volunteer Coach OPEN

Volunteer Coach Matt Harrington

Volunteer Jr. Coach OPEN

Volunteer Jr. Coach Keelie Mills

Goalie Coach Tommy Jones

Idaho IceWorld Staff & Coaches

Hockey Coordinator Kory Scoran

Assistant to the Hockey Coordinator Jake Helderman

Assistant to the Hockey Coordinator Wil Smoke

Senior Staff Coach Tommy Stolz

Senior Staff Coach Marc Cline

Senior Staff Coach Julie Rising

Senior Staff Coach Kari Morlock

Staff Coach Katelin Richards

Senior Staff Coach Marc Fox

Goalie Coach Guy Casablanca

Staff Coach Shawn Schultz

Staff Coach Charlie Rogers

Staff Coach Mike Prior

Staff Coach Connor Jordan

Junior Staff Coach Tyler Maier

Junior Staff Coach Ashley Barela

Junior Staff Coach Tawni Mohler

Junior Staff Coach Levi Zavala

Junior Staff Coach Aidan Greene

Junior Staff Coach Young Jung

Junior Staff Coach OPEN

Junior Staff Marcus Stevens

Professional Skating Coach Margaux Hall

Professional Skating Coach Jon Schmidt

Professional Skating Coach Delaney Cattano

Professional Skating Coach Alexey Crogh 


Idaho IceWorld is always looking for great coaches.  Come join our staff we are always hiring! Interested? Please contact Wil Smoke.