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Guest Coach Protocols

Idaho IceWorld has established the following policy allowing coaches from other rinks and clubs professional coaching privileges on Idaho IceWorld freestyle and public ice sessions. Candidate must meet the US Figure Skating coach compliance requirements as outlined in the current US Figure Skating Rule Book. Guest Coaches will need to pay appropriate ice and facility use fees before taking the ice. Guest coach commercial use fee can be paid either daily or annually. (This does not include the drop in cost for public or freestyle ice.)$25.00/day guest coaching fee

  • $25.00 daily commercial facility use fee or,
  • $380.00 annual guest coaching fee (July 1 – June 30 non-prorated)
    • Freestyle Ticket: $14.00/hr
    • Public Skate: $8.00 for 2 hours (No jumping)


Coaches not currently employed by Idaho IceWorld and the City of Boise who would like to teach their students on IIW city freestyle or public ice sessions must submit a request form for approval, requesting permission to teach. Please complete online form below:

Request Form

Upon receipt of the completed application, Idaho IceWorld Skating Director will send a licensing agreement to your email for you to sign electronically.

Visiting Coaches will need the required IIW LICENSING AGREEMENT to be cleared to instruct at Idaho IceWorld.

To receive approval to guest coach, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Contact IIW Skating Director, Kelley Canning for approval at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. Sign IIW LICENSING AGREEMENT for facility commercial use.
  3. Send Full Compliance below to Kelley Canning
  • Certificate of Insurance Naming: City of Boise, Idaho IceWorld, their respective agents, officers, and employees. PO Box 500, Boise Idaho 83701
  • Provide proof of current U.S. Figure Skating Coach Compliance
    U.S. Figure Skating Coach Requirements 
  1. Pay Guest Coaching Fee and check-in/pay at skate counter BEFORE taking the ice.