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Guest coaching can be paid either daily or annually. (This does not include the drop in cost for public or freestyler ice.)

  • $25/day guest coaching fee
  • $380 annual guest coaching fee (July 1 – June 30 non-prorated)
    • Stick Time Ticket: $12/hour
    • Public Skate: $8 for 2 hours (No sticks, no pucks, no gear)

Guest & Visiting Coaches will need the required annual IIW COMMERCIAL LICENSING AGREEMENT in order to be cleared to instruct at Idaho IceWorld for each season: July 1-June 30.

To receive approval to guest coach, the following steps must be followed: Contact Skating Director, Kelley Canning or Hockey Director, Kory Scoran or approval at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Send Full Compliance below to IIW Info Email
    • USA Hockey Coaching Compliance including Background Check and SafeSport
    • Liability Insurance
      • Certificate holder must list:
        City of Boise, Idaho IceWorld, their respective agents, officers, and employees. PO Box 500, Boise Idaho 83701
  • Register Here in our WebTrac System
  • Pay Guest Coaching Fee or Annual Licensing Fee
  • Check-in/pay at skate counter BEFORE taking the ice. Ensure student checks in and pays at skate counter before taking the ice.

Private Lessons on Drop-In Rules:

  1. Full hockey equipment is mandatory for all skaters 17 years of age and younger.
  2. Skaters 18 years of age and older are allowed wearing a helmet, gloves, stick and skates.
  3. Players 17 years of age and under must have a full-face shield/cage on their helmet. Players over 18 years of age are strongly encouraged to wear a full-face shield/cage on their helmet.
  4. Helmets must be worn at all times, including when in the player’s bench areas.
  5. Bring your own puck and improve your hockey skills.  It is not the responsibility of the rink or other players to provide pucks or equipment.
  6. Be aware of those around you when shooting/skating for a puck. Don't intentionally cut people off.
  7. No small/full ice scrimmages allowed! Stick time allows players to work on the skill of their choice and since players do not have to be in full gear, scrimmages pose a safety liability and violators of this rule will lose ice privileges.
  8. No slap shots allowed! All shots must be taken at the ends of the rink where protective netting and thick glass is in place. No shots at side boards.
  9. Limited to the first 30 skaters.
  10. Water bottles must be kept in the player's bench areas and not on the cap rail. Food is not permitted. 
  11. Figure skates are not allowed on Stick Time ice, except if worn by coaches. 
  12. Fighting, foul language, and horseplay will NOT be tolerated. Fighting will result in expulsion without refund and possible banishment from the rink.
  13. Semi-private lessons of no more than two skaters and one coach are allowed but must share the entire ice surface with all participants and cannot block off a section to hold private lessons or restrict the ice with training aids. All coaches must have a licensing agreement on file with Idaho IceWorld.
  14. Stick Time is not intended for group lessons or for partial/full team practices. This includes practicing breakouts and other offensive and defensive drills.
  15. The Supervisor on Duty has full discretion to limit or prohibit any drills, lessons or other activities which he or she deems unsafe or disruptive to other customers.
  16. All participants skate at their own risk.